5 things an MSP should know to prevent cyberattacks in 2022

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Wed, 10 August, 2022 |
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM IST - 60 Min

A key business concern for most organizations is how to prevent cyberattacks. A successful cyberattack can cause large amounts of financial damage and reputation loss. According to the Acronis Cyber Protection Week Global report 2022:

  • 76% of companies suffered downtime in the past year – system crashes, human error, and cyberattacks are among the top causes.
  • India – commonly ranking first in the world in terms of suffering cyberattacks - also shows higher numbers for downtime causes across the board: 72% of companies report having suffered a system crash, and 52% of companies say a human error has caused downtime.
  • In addition, nearly one-third of companies (31%) even suffered an insider attack.

Join the webinar, 5 Steps an MSP should take to Prevent Cyber Attacks, organized by CRN India and Acronis on Aug. 10 exclusively for MSPs and Solution Providers who are looking to support enterprises in the post-pandemic world.

Learn more about how to:

  • Discuss the fundamental issues beyond technology that are leading to rampant cyber attacks
  • Know the secrets to keep your customers cyber safe
  • Learn how to strengthen an organization’s cyber security posture
  • Understand the best practices to be followed to safeguard the customers


Rajesh Chhabra

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